11 Novembre en chanson

11 novembre 2016, les enfants (cham et non cham) de notre école ont participé aux cérémonies commémoratives de l’armistice du 11 novembre 1918.

Ils ont chanté ensemble la Marseillaise, sous la direction de notre directrice, Madame Tzvetkov. Ils ont déposé des coquelicots en papier crépon en hommage aux victimes des guerres. Ils ont lu des lettres de poilus.

Commémoration du 11 novembre

How much do you know about COLDPLAY ? Test your knowledge !

Are you a Coldplay fan? Learn lots of interesting facts about them in the latest edition of Let’s Blog! the excellent web magazine from classes 3scA and 3scB at Liceo Scientifico in Subiaco, Italy. Maybe you should show it to your teacher and suggest you should do a blog like this too!


Click on the picture or follow this link !


1) How long ago was Coldplay created ?
2) Journalists say Cold Play invented a kind of new music world different from the two main tendencies. What were the main two conflicted celeb possibilitites ?
3) Why is the lead singer very different from those two portraits ?
4) How was the band called at the beginning ?
5) Where did the members of the group meet each other ?
6) Coldplay : a democratic music group ! Can you explain why ?
7) How many kids does Chris have ?
8) Which disease does he suffer from ? Can you explain it in English ?
9) Name the four members of the group and their job in the group.
10) What’s your Coldplay favourite song ? Why ?